A choice of crossovers that make it easy to avoid hazards from crossing pipes and other rooftop equipment

Tremco Roofing offers both stair crossovers and ship stair crossovers.  Stair crossovers are a pre-engineered, standard solution used to cross over a a retaining wall or a walkover for tanks, pipes, conveyors or other obstructions. The 45° angle of climb is easy for workers to manage when carrying loads, and the stair and platform surfaces provide slip resistant footing. They come in a variety of heights that address most standard clearances.

Ship stair crossovers provide a more cost-effective, standard solution to meet customer's special requirements that would normally necessitate a custom solution; for example, a crossover or a tank.

Both types of crossovers are easy to install and help provide a safer working environment while saving you time and money.  They meet revised OSHA Standards 1910.25 for Ship Stairs and Stairs and 1910.29 for Guardrails and Stair Rail Systems.

Safety product descriptions are here.  Download literature about U.S. and Canadian safety systems and visit our Safety Product page to watch videos, download content, and more!  You can also learn about the OSHA safety regulations with which our systems comply.


Stair crossovers and ship stair crossovers use fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP).  FRP is corrosion resistant even in the harshest enviornments, chemical resistant, electrically and thermally non-conductive, and easy to maintain.  UV inhibitors and a synthetic surfacing veil provide optimum protection from the effects of UV weathering.  All crossovers are constructed with molded grating with Corvex® resin system in dark gray with meniscus surface; dark gray molded stair treads with Corvex resin and meniscus surface with grit nosing; ISOFR dark gray Dynaform® structural shapes, and ISOFR yellow UV coated DynaRail® guardrail and handrail.

Available through Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, this safety solution was designed and manufactured by Fibergrate Composite Structures.

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