Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance

Our philosophy has always been that a properly designed, installed and maintained roof can last the life of your building.  At Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance, quality starts at Research and Development and continues throughout the life of the roof.  Click here to see our Quality Policy.  Our Quality Assurance approach encompasses several key components.

Research and Development

Product design is a critical element in our Quality Assurance; this includes material performance criteria as well as environmental considerations.  Our concern about the environment begins during our product invention process and lasts until products may have to be removed from the roof. 

Therefore, we develop materials that are asbestos-free and in strict accordance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. 

Our unique Tremco Fire Test Lab, capable of testing products to either ASTM E108 or UL 790 test criteria, is part of our Research and Development program.


It is critical that quality and consistency are measured against known and published standards. We manufacture products that consistently meet and exceed industry standards.

ISO Certification

Both Tremco and WTI are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, the highest level of quality certification that can be achieved in this class.  Customers benefit from our ISO certification as a result of the high level of service and quality they receive from both organizations. This service is based upon standards developed during our long history of serving knowledgeable customers. Download the Tremco CPG Inc. ISO certifications in EnglishFrench or Spanish, and WTI ISO certifications here.


Optimum performance is achieved through the use of well established roofing procedures. Specifications are detailed for the needs of a specific roof.  To assist in this process, our representatives are trained in sound roofing practices; for example, our typical representative receives over 500 hours of formal instruction the first year alone. 

We have a long established reputation for field technical ability. The representative is further assisted by a field support staff.  We also assist specifiers on existing roofs by providing in-depth analysis of the roof problems.


The contractor becomes a critical element in the relationship between Tremco Roofing, the architect and the building owner. We strive to select contractors who have met our installation, financial, and insurance requirements. During the project, the Tremco Roofing representative is on site periodically to aid in quality control of the application. 

Before the installation considered complete, a final inspection is carried out by the owner and /or specifier, the contractor and our  trained inspector.  Any deficiencies are noted and corrected.  After the inspection team is satisfied, the warranty is issued. We have various warranty options available. 

Warranties, in general, are designed to provide protection in the event that the materials are defective. It is Tremco Roofing's position that warranties cannot be used for the steps of proper analysis, system and material choice, application and maintenance.  Only following these steps can ensure roof system performance and longevity.

After The Application

Every customer receives a post-installation owner's manual along with the warranty. The owner's manual stresses maintenance procedures designed to keep the roof in good condition. Also included is a sticker to be placed in the roof access areas with a toll-free number, in the event of a problem.

Regular periodic inspections help assure the longevity of the roof by stopping conditions before they become problems. Tremco Roofing warranted systems have a regularly scheduled inspection cycle depending on the length of the warranty.

After each scheduled inspection, an executive summary is published that includes a checklist of the components examined, a narrative portion describing the roof and a maintenance schedule.

Roofing & Weatherproofing Peace of Mind

We deliver peace of mind to building owners and facility managers by managing roofing and building life cycles for customers in all industries, including education, healthcare, government, manufacturing and more.

  • Tremco Roofing offers the industry's most comprehensive roofing and weatherproofing solutions for restoration, repair, maintenance, replacement and new construction.
  • WTI (Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.) provides roofing services, construction management and general contracting.
  • Our Canam Building Envelope Specialists affiliate provides building envelope solutions to eliminate air leaks, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.


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