THERMastic Hot Applied Built-Up Roofing System:

THERMastic Hot Applied Built-Up Roofing System

If you've been looking for a roof that is both exceptionally durable and watertight, your search could be over with Tremco Roofing's THERMastic hot applied built-up roofing systems.  They combine the advantages of pre-engineered components and time-tested, reliable installation techniques to provide a fully integrated system that offers long-term weatherproofing for your building.

THERMastic hot applied built-up roofing systems are anchored by high quality, hot-melt adhesive modified with a select S.E.B.S. polymer that is far superior to regular mopping asphalt in terms of elongation, low temperature flexibility and adhesion, and can be used to adhere multiple roofing plies as well as serving as the flood coat.  Gravel surfaces provide even greater weatherproofing and toughness.  The end result is a high-performance roofing solution where conditions such as severe climate, mechanical movement or thermal movement demand superior flexibility and resistance to fatigue.

Additional benefits of THERMastic hot applied built-up roofing systems include high strength polyester/glass plies that offer exceptional tear strength and toughness, making the system extremely puncture resistant; FM Global approvals that can help ensure better insurance rates; and controlled manufacturing processes that ensure uniform characteristics in each and every batch of our adhesive.

With their great long-term performance, excellent flexibility and puncture resistance, THERMastic Hot Built-Up Roofing systems provide the weatherproofing protection you want for your building. 

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