TremCare Green VR Maintenance:

TremCare Green VR Maintenance

Vegetated roofs (VRs) are beautiful and provide numerous benefits, but even more than typical roofs, they need regular service to keep them performing the way that you expect.  But unfortunately, that rarely happens.

That's why Tremco Roofing offers our comprehensive TremCare® Green VR maintenance program for all vegetated roofs, no matter who installed it.  Click here to download our TremCare Green flyer.


The TremCare Green program starts with a thorough Thrive™ report that includes a review of all relevant roof documentation, an inspection and a variety of tests.  An integrated PlantHealth™ Analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of the condition of your plants and components.

Preventive Maintenance

To help keep your VR healthy, the TremCare Green program provides regular preventive maintenance that includes fertilizing as necesary, supplementary watering, pest management and more.  


The TremCare Green program also takes care of more fundamental VR needs, like weeding, removiing dead/ unhealthy plants and debris, pruning/shearing, even inspecting roofing components and vegetation-free zones.

24/7 Leak Response, Report Access

The TremCare Green program is based on our exceptional TremCare roof maintenance program, which is keeping more than one billion square feet of roofing in great shape.  This includes our 24/7 emergency leak response and access to inspection reports through our state-of-the-art OLI® (On-Line Information) program.

With its regularly scheduled inspections, maintenance, housekeeping, even emergency leak repair, nothing  covers as much ground supporting vegetated roofs as the TremCare Green maintenance program. 

TremCare Green is only one of the services that we offer to extend the lifecycles of your roofs and facilities.  For more on TremCare Green or any of our products or services, please complete the Contact Us form.

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