AlphaGuard BIO Liquid Applied Roof Restoration Solution:

AlphaGuard™ BIO Liquid Applied Roof Restoration System

AlphaGuard™ BIO is a unique, two-component solution with high bio-based content that can be used to restore BUR, MB and single ply roofs.  With its extremely low odor, ease of application and rapid curing, the AlphaGuard BIO solution is excellent for use in highly sensitive areas, such as hospitals and schools, and in areas where access is difficult.

Click here to see how AlphaGuard BIO restored roofs for the Sierra Community College District in Califorina, which were first cleaned with the RoofTec system.

AlphaGuard BIO benefits don't stop there.  This solution has excellent properties to help keep your existing roof performing at a high level.  AlphaGuard BIO carries a variety of product listings including Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), Florida Building Code, UL, and USDA BioPreferred, and is FM Approved as a maintenance coating only, not for use as a roof cover.   It's easy to maintain and repair, which is good for sustainability over a long period of time, designed to perform extremely well in third party laboratory hail testing and cold weather, and resists mold, mildew and fungus.

AlphaGuard BIO is available in a highly reflective white, which can lower rooftop temperatures.  This can help moderate building temperatures, improve occupant comfort, and cut down on potential energy use.  Download our AlphaGuard brochure to learn more about AlphaGuard systems.

Download the AlphaGuard BIO and MT installation guide.

AlphaGuard BIO NR has the qualities of AlphaGuard BIO but is reinforced only at the areas of the roof that need it the most.

Download the AlphaGuard BIO and MT installation guide.  

For downloadable detail drawings in PDF or dwg format, click here; for our technical documentation, click here.

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