Vegetated Roofing Systems:

Vegetated Roofing Systems

While stunning plants are the most visible part of a vegetated roof from Tremco, they’re just one element of the roofing system.  We take just as much care in designing, installing and supporting the entire roof as we do in helping select the best mix of plants for your environment.  This means approaching the roof from the deck up. 

We first ensure our vegetated roof’s integrity with the right waterproofing membrane (liquid applied, single ply or other solution based on your needs) .  From there we develop your roof with drainage and protection products such as root barriers, insulation, and growing media options, capped by your plant palette, so that the entire vegetated roofing system functions optimally and looks great doing it.

Tremco offers five fully integrated systems created for optimal performance, including stormwater management, with optional upgrades and accessories . We make it easier than anyone else to customize your green roof to your needs!

We also offer Deck Solutions, a wide range of pavers, paver pedestals and other paver accessories to complement your vegetated roof.  

But that’s just the start.  Once the roof is installed by one of our experienced contractor partners, our commitment to  full service extends to our TremCare Green vegetated roof maintenance program, which provides preventive maintenance and housekeeping to keep your roof thriving, and a 24/7 leak response hotline. (TremCare Green is available for any vegetated roof).

When developing a vegetated roofing system, we recommend using solvent-free products.

Vegetated roofs are complicated, with more components than a standard roof.  If you’re thinking about adding a vegetated roof to your building, please contact your local Tremco Roofing sales representative for a roof consultation and project plan as soon as possible.

If you can not find what you are looking for, please use our Contact Us form for more information.

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