VR Max:

VR Max Vegetated Roofing System

High Performance Built Up System for Intensive and Semi-Intensive Vegetated Roofs

Tremco's VR Max assemblies provide both design flexibility and exceptional performance, no matter how complex the roof.  It is the built-up system to choose for intensive and semi-intensive vegetated roofing applications.

The system features:

  • A combined water retention panel and drainage board that lock securely together to prevent leakage
  • A heavy-duty percolation layer that provides drainage below the growing media and prevents root rot
  • Three standard growing media depths (4", 6" and 8") to suit a project's design, although the VR Max system allows the growing media to be any depth to handle plants such as large ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees
  • Vegetation, based on the depth of the growing media, includes short grass, perennials, wild flowers and more.

The slope retention system accommodates slopes of up to 45 degrees, so the VR Max system can be installed on roofs that had been considered too steep for a vegetated roof.

The VR Max system is especially valuable if you are pursuing LEED certification, with its exceptional capacity for storing stormwater, high content of recycled material, regionally manufactured materials and ecologically sustained vegetation.

The foundation of any vegetated roofing system is its waterproofing layer, and Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing has four options to support the VR Lite, VR Mod and VR Max.  Depending on your application, you can choose from TREMproof 6100, with its 40 year track record; TREMproof 250GC, which can be applied to damp and green concrete; fast-curing Vulkem EWS, when time is critical; and our Dual Waterproofing System, TREMproof DWS, for long term durability.  

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