Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt:

Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt

Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt is designed for application as a thermoplastic hot melt adhesive in a variety of built-up roof configurations. The Pak-Free packaging helps reduce jobsite waste by eliminating asphalt keg containers and increasing the amount of asphalt that may be shipped per pallet.  The plastic wrapping on each package of asphalt does not need to be removed; it can be placed directly into a standard roofing hot kettle.

Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt is an excellent interply adhesive for standard built up roofs.  It may also be used as a flood coat surfacing adhesive for asphalt built-up and SBS modified bitumen roof systems, and is recommended for adhering Tremco Roofing-approved roof insulation boards to acceptable substrates.


Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt is a high quality roof mopping asphalt processed from a closely monitored asphalt flux, and packaged in easy to handle polyethylene plastic wrappers.  A compatible low odor additive is blended within the hot melt to reduce jobsite odors.  Premium III Pak-Free Asphalt meets tightly controlled performance characteristics and performs in accordance with ASTM D 312, the Standard Specification for Asphalt Used in Roofing.

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